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Two weddings, some mountains and a pintxo tour

Viva España! What else can I say? I just returned from a holiday in Northern Spain, enjoying all the good things the country has to offer. Way too much good food, a lot of tasty drinks and a whole lot of sunshine. We had been planning to go to Spain since 2020, but the wedding we were supposed to attend got postponed… and postponed again. This year however, things are… Lees verder »Two weddings, some mountains and a pintxo tour

I love Ireland

There are three countries that hold a special place in my heart: Ireland, Spain and Uganda. A while ago I declared my love for Spain, now it is time to pay homage to Ireland. Cause boy do I like that country! And even more: its people. Sure, it rains a bit too often for my taste and the food is not necessarily refined, but other than that I could definitely… Lees verder »I love Ireland

Lang leve de vrijheid

Een nieuw jaar. Niet eerder wilde de huidige generatie een jaar zo graag afsluiten als in 2020. We starten 2021 zoals altijd met goede voornemens en mooie plannen, maar vooral ook met hoop. Dat we dit jaar weer wat meer vrijheid krijgen. Om elkaar te zien, vast te houden, op pad te gaan. Een aantal jaar geleden had ik op werk een gesprek over vrijheid met iemand uit Canada, iemand… Lees verder »Lang leve de vrijheid

homenaje a España | homage to Spain

I love Spain! And what better time to pay homage to one of my favourite countries than these dark autumn days. I have to admit, Spain is in fierce competition with Ireland for the title of ‘best country in the world’, but I will elaborate on that some other time. For now, let me take a mental journey to the country in which so many memorable moments took place. Throughout… Lees verder »homenaje a España | homage to Spain